Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Welcome to my space! No login required just imagination and creativity needed. Lately it's been in desperate need of a clean up and reorganization. So from Sunday to Monday this became the next cleaning project.

So with my husband's help he expanded my library. He put up two shelves in the shape of an "L" above the door frame in the hallway. Shelves have been instrumental in my home for making more space in unexpected places.

This helped open some space on the shelves above my desk so I could clean up.
And now my space has everything back in it's place and can be utilized for putting photos in albums/library/quiet place/napping/sewing/knitting/crocheting/journal writing/drawing/puzzles/doing homework/origami/reading/putting cards away/gathering materials for fabric projects or quilts/embroidary work.... ok I guess you get the picture.

The real reason for this is to have a space of my own to gather materials for my thoughts. Some projects or reading may be done very soon or not for a very very long time from now. Either way it's been a peace of mind to have half a wall to call my own. As a mom many of us can relate that we can lose ourselves once our little ones come along. I see this little corner as a place for myself so that I can be a better mom. The space can be a room, half a room, a wall or a corner with whatever you want in it. All that really matters is that there is a place for a mom to save her sanity.

But I should warn you almost every My Space has a hacker.


jkanekalkert said...

This is a great entry. Inspiring and motivating all at the same time. Melania sure is a cute hacker:)

Luisa said...

Let my space be an inspiration to all women!

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