Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yarn Along:Memory Lane Crochetting

 Joining in Ginny's yarn along this week.  Over the weekend when we deocrated the Christmas tree I had forgotton about these ornaments I had made last year. It was nice to see and some of the ones the kids made.  I think my favorite is the little tree.
Lately I have almost started reading this book but haven't got past the first page knitting and catalog browsing have been calling my name.
Can't wait to see what you're reading and making?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Update: Plarn Handles

 About a week or two ago I decided to cut up more grocery bags to make more plarn totes for Christmas.  Which is looking like they will be for next Christmas but but I kept cutting anyway soon ...
 I was left with a ton of handles in my scrap pile which I thought these need to be cut instead of trashed.

 1.  I cut the handles to separate them from the rest of the scraps.
 2.  Take the one handle and snip at the bottoms it so it will be one long piece.
 3.  The piece will be too thick to work with when knitting and crochetting so I cut it lengthwise down the middle to make 2 strips.
 Soon enough there was a pile of strips from handles ready for the next project.

Speaking of projects I need to have a face off with a few more today.  Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let the preparing, making, baking and gathering begin. Grateful for many things and for you too friends for stopping by this little space.
Wishing  you a Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarn Along: More on the needles & new book :)

My favorite part about Wednesday are yarn and books for Ginny's yarn along.  For my next knitting class on Saturday my homework is to make 4 squares so that my instructor can show us something new.  One of them had to be a garter stitch and the others I guess could be anything so I tried out a couple of patterns from this knitting book.   

 And guess who I met last night....
Alice Hoffman!  She was at our local book store for a book signing for "The Dovekeepers"  It was so wonderful to hear her speak and this book so far is amazing.

Hope your enjoying a good read this Wednesday :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ugly New Stool

It was a quiet weekend here that I ended up burying myself in knitting working on a sweater and making squares (I'll explain on Wednesday).  Before the weekend began an ugly stool I found in the "free" box at a yard sale a while back got a new cover.
 Stained, ugly and not my style.
 Worried what I might find after cutting off the stained fabric. Fortunately nothing but a clean sponge.
 A new cover.
Perfect for this corner.

Hope you had a warm weekend :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yarn Along:Plarn & More More Books

I'm excited about joining Ginny's yarn along this week I've got the plarn bag done and books.

 Yes feeling accomplished after this completing a project.  I posted on how to make the plarn  a while back something I learned from my local yarn store.  I love the pattern (Girlfriend Market Bag) but knitting with plastic bags was not always fun especially when I have wool on another set of needles. The good thing is it's forgiving when it comes to making mistakes and yes it does stretch a lot I threw in bananas and an acorn squash for this picture.
I think I might try crochetting one next time.  I was also hoping to make them for Christmas but I'm not so sure right now.
 Still not reading much but collecting plenty and I discovered I'm not safe at Lowe's.  Went in on Saturday for cotton twine for another rug.  As I was supposed to be leaving this awesome cupcake book caught my eye.  Here are some of my favorites:

 This last one the is spaghetti & meatballs so cute!  Everything is decorated with frosting candy chocolate.  As you can see I couldn't resist and had to have it.

What else I can't resist?

A really good booksale. 

Falling In and Out of Rythyms

The best way I can put it about what has been going on here lately is that I have been evaluating our family rhythm and trying to figure out what has changed and what works.  I tend to show the little snippets of our day in this space but it does not paint the whole picture of our day and truthfully a lot has changed and I'm getting a handle on new routines and trying to remember the old ones that worked.  
I sometimes wonder when I try something new is it adding more to my plate?  For example csa pick ups, freezing food I think adds more to my plate but will it be worth it later as long as I don't overwhelm myself now? Yes.  Do I bring more into my home at times when I shouldn't?  Oh yes. How much blog/magazine/recipes do I collect?  A lot!  Do I have a long long long running list of ideas that will keep me busy for a couple of decades.  Oh yes.  Do I get it all done the homeschooling, house stuff, errands and on and on.  Yes but not all at once and truthfully not always very effiecient. 
Lately with the seasons changing I have had more time to reflect and came to the conclusion I'm definitely a rhythmic person but lost my way at some point.  Whether it's blogging, cleaning, activities anything I crave a good rhythm.  I may not know what that is exactly right now but thank goodness for pen and paper to help me figure it out  and blog to let me air it out today.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just ten things :)

Lately it's been quiet around here but there have been projects to tackle and some major weekly cleaning so instead of instead of filling the blog with dull posts it's been quiet here.  In real life it's been anything but quiet so instead today I'd thought I'd share 10 things inspired by soulemama

1.  Hit a really awesome book sale at the local library. 
2.  Scrambled outside before the snow storm.
3.  Made stocks 1 chicken and 1 vegetable.
4.  Burnt the vegetable stock.  Twice.
5. Went back to my Harvest Notebook to write out notes for next year's garden and freezing food.
6. Saturday night = Pizza Night :)
7.  Found a spot for the herb garden.
8.  Hoping I won't kill the herb garden this winter.
9. Halloween pumpkin carving & painting.
10.  Tried a couple of new baking recipes orange juice muffins and apple bread.  Hope to share those soon they need some revamping.

Wishing you a great Wednesday :)
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