Sunday, January 29, 2012

All that matters

Being away from this space lately has been very hard.  There has been so much I wanted  share in recent posts that never transpired:

-The soups I have been making even while nursing a cold.  So happy that it was just a cold and not some other bug I got a few weeks ago.
-More soups from my favorite magazine right now. Which got me thinking of doing a series of posts on soups/ stews.
-Finished a yarn project and started another.
-Trying new things out in our homeschooling.
-Lots of creative juices flowing with projects and ideas for 2012.
-Meant to post on my other blog which has been neglected for too long with ideas.
-Loving all our children's books from the library.
-Updated my reading list on the right to share what I have read so far.
-Wanted to at least keep up with posts through the Yarn Alongs and Friday Moments.

But as you can see none of it has been posted and for now I couldn't even promise that I will be back to post consistently.  Without getting into any details truthfully right now I'm 36 years old and I'm doing a lot soul searching and struggling with decisions.  I'm finding that I need to be here for my children as I take each day and sometimes each hour slowly as I reflect and struggle.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Moments: In the kitchen yesterday

Here is what was going on yesterday in the kitchen some were successful and some not.
:: Tried a new fennel & potato soup.  Tasted yummy but after processing it was green and thick like 
    baby food but still good.  Really.
::  Made tons of bread and rolls and one wheat that is sort of ok.
::  Finally some granola we have been missing that.
::  A late Christmas gift in the mail.
::  Composte overload. in the kitchen it was too rainy to go outside.
::  Later on went back to the soup recipe and thought I should have followed the directions instead of
    adding my own twist.
::  Finally some knitting time at the end of the night with Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice.
:: Hoping for better luck this weekend on my next soup.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yarn Along Wednesday

A week already gone by since my last post? Well I guess time for another yarn along post. There hasn't been much yarn activity mostly just reading.  I have really been enjoying The Sisters.  I love books that go through 2 or 3 generations and decades of history.

Found this vintage book from 1937 yesterday at Goodwill.  Stefania started reading it and so far it's been good.
Hope you are staying warm with a good read.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yarn Along: More Books and The Hundred Year Throw

More books for the yarn along this week :))  Last Wednesday after I posted we went to the library and one of my favorite things now is too look in the "free" box.  You never know what treasures can be found.  Welll I found all these.

 A mish mash of books for me and the kids and for homeschooling.  The blue book is my favorite to look at.

 I know my pictures aren't great but the illustrations intrigued me.  But that's not what I'm reading. I started this book in between everything going on.  So far good.
 Lastly "The Hundred Year Throw" is this crochetted grey soft throw that has made an appearance in previous yarn alongs. I'm having trouble finishing and now I'm going to unravel half of this.  Why?  Because it's boring.  Ever have those type of projects that feel like they go on forever and you never want to finish (like this one)? 
My solution for this  is "The Afghan Making Rule".  It's a rule I made up for myself when I need to make really big afghans or throws to break it up into pieces so I can try different stitches and designs then seam it at the end and I won't get bored doing the same thing. Done.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

:: Warming Up for 2012

It's been quiet in this space lately just kind of easing into the new year along with the same chores and routines and making a list of reading and craft New Year's resolutions. 
We have been pretty lucky here till now but the weather looks like it's going to be freeeeezing.  Lots on my mind to share little by little and trying to keep warm with....
 :: Coffee, tea or hot chocolate :)
:: Yarn: crochetting and knitting late Christmas gifts.
:: Soups and I have a few in mind I'll share in another post.  I'm thinking about a series of posts just on soups/stews. Yummy don't you think?
:: Snuggling up under a throw with a good book. 
::  Making a list and checking it twice for handmade gifts for 2012.  I'll share the crafting plan soon.

A pretty unexciting post but warm with ideas.  Wishing you Happy New Year!
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