Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yarn Along- more projects lingering

Joining in for Ginny's yarn along.  Instead of showing you progress on my existing projects (which could get dull ) there have been a few things I have been trying on the needles lately.  

 Love this book.  About a month ago I started the body of this little bear in the picture.  Problem is I have had trouble with the directions but I think the body looks pretty much the same.
For my next next next knitting project for myself is this vest.  (I have a long list of next projects.) For now my knitting instructor suggested I try to read part of this pattern and make a swatch.  Good idea I love how this sample is coming out and I'm thinking hmmm maybe for my next next throw that I want to make. 
I know too much on the needles and the brain.  Does anyone else have that problem?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dishcloths on Canvas

Lately there has been a lot of fall transitional creative inspirations going around the blogs which I love. The creative juices have been flowing here too but not enough time to do it all just a little here and there. I have been in the mode of trying to get a few things up on the wall. One of my favorites are these embroidered  cloths from Anthropologie which I was hoping to make into a pillow or chair covers but right now they are secured to a canvas and on the wall.  Love that this was easy and can be changed out later.

 Pick any fabric, a canvas any size, tape and staple gun.

 Tape down the fabric to the canvas on the back then staple.  Some of the staples may needed to be hammered so they won't scratch the wall.
After stapling the fabric down  I created hanging for the back with wire and it stapled it down.
Then into the dining room it went till I get I change my mind.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yarning Along A Little Late

Just dropping in for the yarn along after being a way from this space lately.  You could say I've ben bitten by the creativity bug and that's the only bug I like to catch.  Hoping to share some of it soon but for now continuing along with the sweater  and working on my tote

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making Plarn

Stefania's tote

As promised finally a post on making plarn.  I'm pretty sure a made up word I picked up at the yarn store.  It's a great way to make those pesky plastic bags into a yarn that can be knitted or crochetted into a tote.

1. Collect your grocery or plastic bags and a pair of scissors.

2. Evenly cut off the handles to create a straight edge so that you are left with a sack.
3. Anywhere along the top of the bag make a snip with your scissor.
4.  Now think as if you are peeling an apple.You want to cut a 3/4 inch strip going around and around the bag.
You will start to see a ribbon of plas ic form.

5.  As you get closer to the bottom of the bag continue cutting into the folds going around and around until you get to the seam and can't cut any more.  If at any time you are cutting you come across a hole or the plastic ribbon snaps it's ok just start another strand of plarn.

6.  Soon there will be a pile of plarn ready for knitting or crochetting.
I'm slowly working on my tote. 

Stefania was inspired by my project that she grabbed all the yellow bags and crochetted her own tote.
Have fun!

Monday, October 10, 2011

An Apple of a Weekend

We've been enjoying the last hot days of October.  That is really wierd for me to write because it's October in New England and in the 80's.  Let's just say it's making my system a little crazy.  I have been craving apple, granola, soups, chili's and even a pot pie but it's 80 degrees! But that could change soon around here. 
With the weather confusion I spent the weekend moving around in the kitchen  with some help freezing apple pie fillings, making granola and apple sauce from the apple cores. 

Appe Core Sauce
 I have heard the cores can be cooked and made into applesauce so this weekend I decided  to give this a try. I have been saving all the cores in the freezer.  Once I had a bit batch of cores I put them in a pot with about a cup of water and let it simmer till they were all soft mushy.  Then I set up the food mill and turned it till I had a nice bowl of apple sauce.  Scooped them into jars after they were completely cooled into the freezer they went.   A big pot of cores made about 6 small jars with extra leftover. Yummy for later.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yarn Along -Tons on the needles

Joining in today for Ginny's yarn along.  I have a few things going on but I did complete a crochetted rug for the bathroom. 

My original thought was it would go into the playroom but halfway through I changed my mind. 

 I started making a circle kind of like a doily or round crochet motif and then went around making a border 3-5 rows of a sisel cotton twine from the hardware store and then a row or 2 of cotton yarn.  I'm not very good at writing patterns I just make it up as I go along.  I really liked crochetting with the cotton twine and I see more rugs in my future.
 Making progress on my sweater.  So excited I'm staring to see a pattern like the one on the cover.
 I shouldn't be doing this but I added one more project to the knitting needles.  I couldn't resist continuing this one making a tote out of plastic bags.  (I'll have more on this soon.)ut
With everything on the needles and hooks I haven't been reading at all but I did get a few more books came my way last week.
100 Best Books for Children (I came across this at the thrift store and thought it would be handy.

Love to hear what you're makeing :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Right Now: Here and There

It's been quiet here for a few days you could say I'm trying to catch up, diving into more knitting and crochetting projects, finding our own fall rhythm for homeschooling, birthday planning for someone turning 9 tomorrow and a few other things....

 I have been spending time at my favorite yarn store JP Knit & Stitch taking a couple of knitting classes. This weekend for the yarn crawl I attended a workshop to make a tote out of those pesky plastic bags, then went home and inspired Stefania to make a yellow tote.  (I'll have more on this project later this week)
 We have lots apple waiting to made into apple pies, sauce or caves for dolls.
 Still collecting the last green tomatoes.

Easing into a new rhythm for the Fall in the art studio working on projects (no not always together)  and the dining room has turned into a study room (hopefully more on this at 5 Good Reasons later this month). 

This post has been bits of the random things going on here. Can't wait tomorrow for the yarn along I actually have another project finished.  :)
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