Monday, October 10, 2011

An Apple of a Weekend

We've been enjoying the last hot days of October.  That is really wierd for me to write because it's October in New England and in the 80's.  Let's just say it's making my system a little crazy.  I have been craving apple, granola, soups, chili's and even a pot pie but it's 80 degrees! But that could change soon around here. 
With the weather confusion I spent the weekend moving around in the kitchen  with some help freezing apple pie fillings, making granola and apple sauce from the apple cores. 

Appe Core Sauce
 I have heard the cores can be cooked and made into applesauce so this weekend I decided  to give this a try. I have been saving all the cores in the freezer.  Once I had a bit batch of cores I put them in a pot with about a cup of water and let it simmer till they were all soft mushy.  Then I set up the food mill and turned it till I had a nice bowl of apple sauce.  Scooped them into jars after they were completely cooled into the freezer they went.   A big pot of cores made about 6 small jars with extra leftover. Yummy for later.


Lise said...

Your sweater looks like it's coming along so well!

I'm doing applesauce today, too; am on my 5th batch (with lots of frozen cores added from all the apples we've been drying).

Happy weird fall!

Tatiana S. said...

Bellissimi momenti!

Holly C. said...

I'm envious of your knitting! I don't know how-yet.

I love the idea of apple core sauce. I made apple sauce with apples that my neighbor gave me and it was delicous. I really need to do it more often!

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