Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Right Now: Here and There

It's been quiet here for a few days you could say I'm trying to catch up, diving into more knitting and crochetting projects, finding our own fall rhythm for homeschooling, birthday planning for someone turning 9 tomorrow and a few other things....

 I have been spending time at my favorite yarn store JP Knit & Stitch taking a couple of knitting classes. This weekend for the yarn crawl I attended a workshop to make a tote out of those pesky plastic bags, then went home and inspired Stefania to make a yellow tote.  (I'll have more on this project later this week)
 We have lots apple waiting to made into apple pies, sauce or caves for dolls.
 Still collecting the last green tomatoes.

Easing into a new rhythm for the Fall in the art studio working on projects (no not always together)  and the dining room has turned into a study room (hopefully more on this at 5 Good Reasons later this month). 

This post has been bits of the random things going on here. Can't wait tomorrow for the yarn along I actually have another project finished.  :)

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