Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Yarn Along

Joining in this week for Ginny's Yarn Along.

The white I rug I have been working on.  I call it my tv rug project since it's too big to carry around it's my go to project when watching tv or sitting outside.
When spring rolls in every I get the itch to embroider.  I love seeing it come to life slowly on a blank cloth.  It's my favorite needlework in the summer.

 Still reading The Gilly Salt Sisters but these are the magazines of the month that go with me around the house for inspiration.
Cooks' Illustrated
Home Education Magazine

Hope you are enjoying a good read.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just jazz it up a bit

Recently one of my kids posed an interesting question about my blogging "Did you regret it?" We had a conversation about when things are put out in social media that they linger and are out there for the world to see forever.  Things put out there can follow the individual years from now which could have negative consequences or close doors to opportunities from simply posting or commenting on social media .

 The example I had given was from personal experience. About 2 year ago posts from my blog were printed and used to suggest that I was overwhelmed.  My blog was something I always enjoyed writing and following blogs was a source of creativity and inspiration. Seriously have you ever met a mother that never got tired and looked great all the time. Ahem.

Because of that I took a break from blogging to minimize additional unwanted backlash on my parenting.  It was hard to return and I considered just shutting it down.  My answer to her question was no I didn't regret it I just lost my love for it and could not get back into it.  I had no regrets I put thought into what I wrote and it was my creative outlet. 

At times I have missed it and I would snap a picture with intentions of posting and of course never did. After a this question was asked to me I thought well why not return to it.  I don't have to post everyday just when inspiration strikes share something neat.  Check on my favorite blogs when I need that burst of creativity.
So here I am again. 
  • First up is change up change the blog colors/design.  A little blog spring cleaning.  
  • I had a yummy salad to post yesterday.
  • Just finished reading Labor Day by Joyce Maynard next up is The Gilly Salt Sisters by Tiffany Baker.  If I had a project to go with it they would have been on the yarn along this week  
  • Oh and why is the picture on it's side that you have to turn your head to see the books?  Ah well because whatever medium I use to bring in the picture it will NOT rotate.  I gave up trying otherwise I thought I would never post again. 
  • Finally got an instagram account to go with my blog thislittlekitchenblog
  •  I have feeling I'm going to be really enjoying that. Why did I wait so long?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yummy Salad

Summer is around the corner.  So close that we are a week a way from the CSA starting up again, farmer's markets starting this weekend and various sightings of what's sprouting in the garden.  I promised myself this year we would have better garden planning but I always end up with renegade plants in the garden that I did not plan on. This is what happens when the compost  gets poured into the garden we end up with a number of tomato plants, pumpkin vines take over the yard and this year there are beautiful unexpected potato plants to join the group.  We did plant cucumbers, peppers and watermelon but no sign of them yet *sigh*.  We can always count the herbs and scallions to be the first sign that there is more to come. 

For quick salad today there was some leftover corn on the cob, tomatoes,  mint leaves and scallions.  Season with a little salt and olive oil and a bright and cheery salad to go with our lunch. 
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