Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yummy Salad

Summer is around the corner.  So close that we are a week a way from the CSA starting up again, farmer's markets starting this weekend and various sightings of what's sprouting in the garden.  I promised myself this year we would have better garden planning but I always end up with renegade plants in the garden that I did not plan on. This is what happens when the compost  gets poured into the garden we end up with a number of tomato plants, pumpkin vines take over the yard and this year there are beautiful unexpected potato plants to join the group.  We did plant cucumbers, peppers and watermelon but no sign of them yet *sigh*.  We can always count the herbs and scallions to be the first sign that there is more to come. 

For quick salad today there was some leftover corn on the cob, tomatoes,  mint leaves and scallions.  Season with a little salt and olive oil and a bright and cheery salad to go with our lunch. 

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