Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yarn Along Wednesday

 Good Morning Friends!  Actually it's afternoon now. I finally have a finished project to show for the yarn along.  I started these fingerless gloves last winter and then put them down.
 A couple of weekends ago I picked them up and finished the left glove.  The left is a little wonky but I love them anyway. I decided to not put buttons for the eyes because it wall draw attention to the obvious mistakes. 
 The pattern was from a Mollie Makes magazine.  I never get tired of this magazine.
On the reading list, the older kids finished reading The Water Castle.  I'm still continuing College Prep Homeschooling and jotting down notes to refer back to later.  A couple of months ago I discovered audiobooks and playaways for the family.  I love the playaways because they are easy to carry all that is needed are headphones and a battery and into my bag they go.  It really helps pass the time doing chores, shoveling and waiting at activities.  I'm listening to Summberland by Elin Hiderbrand right now.  As much as I enjoy the playaways and audio books they don't replace books.  They are handy to pass the time while doing laundry or when I can't sit and read. 
Hope you are enjoying a good read today.


Kathi said...

Those are very cute mitts! You did a great job!

CathieJ said...

Wonky or not they are still pretty.

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