Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn Along Wednesday:Cowl & Books

Joining for Ginny's yarn along. 
Finally finished a cowl for me. Started and completed this about a month ago but it was too loose so after I unraveled it and cast on 77 and used size 7 needles.The pattern is from ravelry the Birthday Cowl.Love it I just modified the stitches to cast on 77 and used smaller needles just wanted it to be more snug like a turtleneck. Loving this cowl so much that I'm thinking my wardrobe needs more.

We went to the used book sale at the library and found these books :

Nancy Drew Notebooks
Hannah West in Deep Water
My Brother Sam is Dead
The Journey Back
The First Woman Doctor
When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit
Guardians of Ga’Hoole Books 1-4

I know quite the variety isn’t? I think I’ll read a couple of the historical stuff ones first?

 For me the Singer Sewing Book. I think it will be helpful for when I start sewing again.

I also came across this magazine I found at the library.
I apologize for the grainy photos and no links hope your enjoying a good read or neat project.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So What's Going....

Well friends finally popping in here to say a hello.  The emotional roller coaster and soul searching continues.  I can honestly say I’m thinking with clarity and an open heart for the first time in many many years.   Having babies nursing and young toddlers can give moms foggy brains for a while. 

So what is going on right now? Plenty of creativity, homeschooling and some cooking and baking.  There have been bits and pieces share but I have had to write everything down because I don’t have internet access where I’m staying and I have no pictures to show right now.  As much as it feels good to write everything down I have missed blogging.  Thank goodness for libraries.  We are pretty well known there right now.  But I think I have solved the blogging issue when I’m at the library I pull up as many tabs as I can think of, then read them later. (The bummer part is I can't leave comments.) I also figured out my posting problem.  Type it in word and copy and paste later into the blog.  Blogging problem solved :)

I know this post is rather vague and all over the place about what’s going on but to get to the root of it all well it probably would turn into a book and I’m not ready for that.  What I can share are these positive little snippets from our days lately (hope to have pictures in another post).

:: Through it all baking is good for the soul we made an Orange Olive Oil Cake that did not look good and smelled like popcorn when I baked it but I swear it was tasty.

:: I don’t have my recipe binder handy but I came across this Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Recipe.  Because when your down you need cookies to smile.
:: Luckily through it all homeschooling continues and I’m documenting consistently as well as doing this in a different environment.

:: Made up a Chicken Dumpling Soup.

:: Finally finished a cowl for me J  now working on a crocheted bag to carry around my other WIP’s.

:: Oh did I mention I love libraries.  The one I go to has great children’s books and a great used book sale.  I did control myself and only got 10 books.

:: We went on walks with the kids on those unusually nice winter days.

:: Stepped onto the beach on really windy day and was wondering where is the sea glass?

:: Found a fudge shop and oh is it good.

:: Writing down what our favorite moments were from that day. 

:: Remembering each day to take a breath because everything is slowed down.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Going along

Looks like I could be in and out of this space for a bit.  Thank goodness for libraries for books and internet.  As I mentioned before I have some soul searching and things have been quite complicated.  Too complicated to mention or post.  Hopefully someday into he future I will be able to share a bit more about this journey.  There is not much too say or show for recipes but our homeschooling continues and my personal growth is challenged.  At 36 I'm reaching a new crossroads that was probably inevitable but I need to strive higher, look forward into a brighter and more challenging future all alongside my children that are always with me :))

Living for today together. Today is a good day

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yarn Along: Sick Cowl

Needed a day of normalcy today so what better to start my Wednesday but with a yarn along.  I call this my sick cowl because I started it last week when I had a really bad cold and wanted something warm for my neck for when I got better.

 I saw this Birthday Cowl at my local yarn store and just loved how the stitches slant. I had treated myself to a Manos de Urugualy yarn back December to make something for myself. Loving it so far.
These are what I call my dangerous magazines Stitch and Mollie Makes. There is too much good inspiration I won't be able to do for a while.  (I have a lot of knitting and crochetting lined up. And I mean lots!)  Last week at the library I m\picked up Martha's book here to drive myself more crazy with ideas :)
Happy Wednesday!
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