Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn Along Wednesday:Cowl & Books

Joining for Ginny's yarn along. 
Finally finished a cowl for me. Started and completed this about a month ago but it was too loose so after I unraveled it and cast on 77 and used size 7 needles.The pattern is from ravelry the Birthday Cowl.Love it I just modified the stitches to cast on 77 and used smaller needles just wanted it to be more snug like a turtleneck. Loving this cowl so much that I'm thinking my wardrobe needs more.

We went to the used book sale at the library and found these books :

Nancy Drew Notebooks
Hannah West in Deep Water
My Brother Sam is Dead
The Journey Back
The First Woman Doctor
When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit
Guardians of Ga’Hoole Books 1-4

I know quite the variety isn’t? I think I’ll read a couple of the historical stuff ones first?

 For me the Singer Sewing Book. I think it will be helpful for when I start sewing again.

I also came across this magazine I found at the library.
I apologize for the grainy photos and no links hope your enjoying a good read or neat project.


Lise said...

That's a gorgeous cowl! It looks great on you.

Love a good library sale. That illustration on the Singer book is awesome.

Sending you hugs and strength.

angelina said...

hi luisa! i missed this post.. sometimes the yarn along gets overwhelming with all 200 of them! :) anyway, i love this cowl, good job done! i have some varigated yarn in a very similar colourway. thank you for the sweater love too! x

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