Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making Plarn

Stefania's tote

As promised finally a post on making plarn.  I'm pretty sure a made up word I picked up at the yarn store.  It's a great way to make those pesky plastic bags into a yarn that can be knitted or crochetted into a tote.

1. Collect your grocery or plastic bags and a pair of scissors.

2. Evenly cut off the handles to create a straight edge so that you are left with a sack.
3. Anywhere along the top of the bag make a snip with your scissor.
4.  Now think as if you are peeling an apple.You want to cut a 3/4 inch strip going around and around the bag.
You will start to see a ribbon of plas ic form.

5.  As you get closer to the bottom of the bag continue cutting into the folds going around and around until you get to the seam and can't cut any more.  If at any time you are cutting you come across a hole or the plastic ribbon snaps it's ok just start another strand of plarn.

6.  Soon there will be a pile of plarn ready for knitting or crochetting.
I'm slowly working on my tote. 

Stefania was inspired by my project that she grabbed all the yellow bags and crochetted her own tote.
Have fun!


Lise said...

Cool, Luisa! We have an acquaintance who makes purses and coin purses this way and sells them.

Holly C. said...

I love this!

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