Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Falling In and Out of Rythyms

The best way I can put it about what has been going on here lately is that I have been evaluating our family rhythm and trying to figure out what has changed and what works.  I tend to show the little snippets of our day in this space but it does not paint the whole picture of our day and truthfully a lot has changed and I'm getting a handle on new routines and trying to remember the old ones that worked.  
I sometimes wonder when I try something new is it adding more to my plate?  For example csa pick ups, freezing food I think adds more to my plate but will it be worth it later as long as I don't overwhelm myself now? Yes.  Do I bring more into my home at times when I shouldn't?  Oh yes. How much blog/magazine/recipes do I collect?  A lot!  Do I have a long long long running list of ideas that will keep me busy for a couple of decades.  Oh yes.  Do I get it all done the homeschooling, house stuff, errands and on and on.  Yes but not all at once and truthfully not always very effiecient. 
Lately with the seasons changing I have had more time to reflect and came to the conclusion I'm definitely a rhythmic person but lost my way at some point.  Whether it's blogging, cleaning, activities anything I crave a good rhythm.  I may not know what that is exactly right now but thank goodness for pen and paper to help me figure it out  and blog to let me air it out today.

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