Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just ten things :)

Lately it's been quiet around here but there have been projects to tackle and some major weekly cleaning so instead of instead of filling the blog with dull posts it's been quiet here.  In real life it's been anything but quiet so instead today I'd thought I'd share 10 things inspired by soulemama

1.  Hit a really awesome book sale at the local library. 
2.  Scrambled outside before the snow storm.
3.  Made stocks 1 chicken and 1 vegetable.
4.  Burnt the vegetable stock.  Twice.
5. Went back to my Harvest Notebook to write out notes for next year's garden and freezing food.
6. Saturday night = Pizza Night :)
7.  Found a spot for the herb garden.
8.  Hoping I won't kill the herb garden this winter.
9. Halloween pumpkin carving & painting.
10.  Tried a couple of new baking recipes orange juice muffins and apple bread.  Hope to share those soon they need some revamping.

Wishing you a great Wednesday :)

1 comment:

Pollon72 said...

Belli questi momenti di vita familiare :-)

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