Monday, November 28, 2011

Update: Plarn Handles

 About a week or two ago I decided to cut up more grocery bags to make more plarn totes for Christmas.  Which is looking like they will be for next Christmas but but I kept cutting anyway soon ...
 I was left with a ton of handles in my scrap pile which I thought these need to be cut instead of trashed.

 1.  I cut the handles to separate them from the rest of the scraps.
 2.  Take the one handle and snip at the bottoms it so it will be one long piece.
 3.  The piece will be too thick to work with when knitting and crochetting so I cut it lengthwise down the middle to make 2 strips.
 Soon enough there was a pile of strips from handles ready for the next project.

Speaking of projects I need to have a face off with a few more today.  Happy Monday!

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