Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun Finds

A couple of days ago I had good luck finding books at the thrift store. New to my library by a couple of my favorite authors are:
Jodi Piccoult's books:
Keeping Faith
Nineteen Minutes
Second Glance

Alice Hoffman's book:
Skylight Confessions

As for the tablecloth I couldn't resisit because the picture on it looks so pretty. I don't know if this should remain a tablecloth or it's a future skirt with a matching bag. I just love looking at it.

We also had fun finding some children's books this weekend.
Grammie's Secret Cupboard
Dancing in the Wings
The Moon Ring
Feet Man and Mr.
Tiny Block Party Today!
Traveling Man The Journey of Ibn Battuta
Animals of America

Hope to have all this on library thing one day.


Lise said...


Luisa said...

Thanks! I'm so glad this is working

Anonymous said...

I just thought of this...what about making some of that beautiful material into kitchen curtains. That way, you could see it all the time. I do also love the skirt idea, or kitchen apron, or a bag for your knitting materials!

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