Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little of this and that

I just want to start off with addressing the comment problem. I have tried a few things in my settings in hope that it will help those that have had trouble leaving a comment. If it doesn't work? Well back to the drawing board. By the way giving the computer dirty and confused looks has NOT helped.
Onward ! Monday and Tuesday we've had beautiful weather. I spent so much time outside I think it was fresh air overload for my system. By Tuesday night I needed to get back inside. So yesterday turned out to be grocery day. So I look forward to doing a little baking and/or cooking. If things go well today maybe tomorrow you could see pictures of Asian night.

For now I have just been catching up on my reading. Shanghai Girls was wonderful. I couldn't put it down and read it in 3 days. This will be a keeper in my library. It reminded me a lot of Amy Tan's novels because there is very intense plot that takes place in China and a lot of history. The author was kind enough to respond to my email and said that yes there will be squel. Phew! If there wasn't going to be one it would be a major let down.

Other fun reads:
This magazine has great ideas on family organic living.

My friend introduced me to Adriania Trigiani's other novels and I have enjoyed them very much. Viola in Reel Life is her first novel for teens. I was curious and started reading it. In a few years 4 out 5 kids will be teenage girls around here, so I was thinking maybe this book would be something to keep in my library for them. Hopefully we will all like the same author even if they may not like what I have to say.


jkanekalkert said...

Great post! I too had "fresh air" overload. It is great to be indoors getting things done:) Can't wait to see "Asian" night photos!

jkanekalkert said...

Yeah! Your comments are working! Your blog is great! I look forward to reading and seeing what you are up too. Even if we have just had a 2 hour conversation on the phone:)

Lise said...

Hey, Luisa, thought I'd test out your comments again today. :-) Lise

Lise said...


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