Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogcation - Returning June 21st

Well friends I'm on the move in the next few weeks so I'll be taking time away from the blog. Truth is I won't be able to keep along with all the administrative duties sorting, filing, making calls, finally putting all the blogs I lost during a computer crash onto google reader and placing orders. Almost sounds like I'm an adminstrative assistant to an executive. Along with the administrative duties I have been making slow strides to making my own laundry detergent, diswashing detergent and a few other homemade cleaing things. While mixing these things it made me feel like a kid again making homemade science experiments. I apologize that I don't have the links but they are around the blogs lately.
What is getting me through survival mode using paper plates, staying focused on 1 task at a time and doing the bare minimum when it come to laundry.
Right now looking forward to my nightly blog reading, the farmer's market this Saturday, some magazine browsing and squeezing in a little crochetting. Good thing those loofahs are easy to make and carry around :)
Wishing you all well. See you June 21!


Ana said...

See you then! Take it easy, it sounds like it's crazy around your parts.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Enjoy your break! Making your own detergent sounds like fun:)

nocton4 said...

have fun on your break xx

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