Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bits of Sewing

1. My Activity Bag Changed the frayed straps on my bag that used to be a shower curtain. I think I finally it got right.

2. Pot holders After seeing my girlfriend's home made pot holders I finally got to it last week and made my own from old place mats. I lined the middle with cut pieces from old flannel receiving blankets. I don't have a pattern just an example to follow. I don't really know how to explain how to make this. I think the pictures work best explain this tutorial.

Here is my friend's pot holder that I used as an example.

Cut off any edges and save scraps for some other project. What remains is square. Then cut 2 rectangles.

Took an old receiving blanket cut a rectangle the same size as the placemat, pinned it and sewed it together.

There are 2 ways to finish this potholder. 1. Put the good sides together and sew all around but leave a whole to turn inside out. Then do a top stich for the border. Stich lines across the potholder to give it a design and to keep the flannel in the middle in place. I should tell you it made the border more bulky and the potholder smaller.

The second option I prefer is after sewing the flannel and placemat together fold the rectangle over. Sew a top stich near the border. Then sew lines across the potholder to create a design and to keep the flannel in the middle in place. This version is slightly stiffer but bigger. The edges if you don't mind have a little flannel sticking out. Hmmm maybe next time cut the flannel a little smaller.

Either way you prefer you have potholders from placememts. The placements my girlfriend recommended getting from the thrift store. I happened to have some old stained ones and thought give it a try.

Random ::

-Maybe next time make them longer more like mitts something like the ones in Stitch

-The water ban was lifted this morning. I'm really happy we can drink and brush again :)

-It's very sunny out today and not humid and sticky. Out we go!


Lise said...

Yay for easy water! Enjoy this beautiful day!

angelina said...

i love the stripes and dots: youve done a lovely job!

Alicia said...

Great projects! Love the bag.

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