Thursday, May 6, 2010

Table Runner Activity Bags

Way back in the fall I found a table runner I really liked at the thrift store. I bought it knowing it was too long for my table but loved the embroidery on it and thought it would look much nicer as a bag. Actually it turns I could make 5 bags!

After I cut the 5 squares I kept the left over strips to save for another project. For the top of the square above the flowers I undid the stiching to make an opening. The cool thing is the bottom is already stitched together.

Now for the straps I had a green table cloth I'm not fond of but I thought would go well with the bag. So I folded over a piece to the width I liked and cut. Then put the two good sides together and stitched it. Then turned it inside out.

The straps then get sewn on to the sides of the bag. I pinned it to the good side of the bag and sewed it on and and then did the same with the other side. Because I just made this up I didn't follow a pattern I'm not sure how to explain the directions it's easier to just show the pictures.

This project should actually be called the 3 season bags. Bought it in the fall, cut it over the winter and started sewing and pinning in the spring.
I'm hoping to finish the other 4 bags before summer so this doesn't turn into the 4 season bags. lol :)


Grace said...

Wow. Those bags turned out great. What a great idea. Love those little flowers.

Julie said...

Great idea! Your sewing looks really good:)

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