Thursday, May 13, 2010

Forgot to Blog Week

Hello friends! So far this week it definitely has turned into "Forgot to Blog Week". I actually had 2 recipes to share on roasted potatoes and turkey burgers but forgot to take the pictures and write how I made them. The weather well if your in New England you know what's going on. Sunny some days but cold and brisk like fall. Feeling like we need our jackets on hand. A tad confusing to my system. I definitely don't want "Forgot to Blog Week" to spread and turn into some kind of pattern. But you know this is one of those days that has turned into a week. I'm still hoping to get a post up for the Friday moment by Soulemama.

I have been doing a little of this and that a little bit at a time of crochetting, reading and undoing some sewing. I call them my sanity savers. I'm sure you may have some of those too. Maybe tonight I'll resew a few things while watching Grey's and Private Practice. Trying to keep my spirits up and looking forward to upcoming book sales, farmer's markets and csa and some outdoor kid watching while they dig. (Which reminds me I forgot to post on Monday for 5 Potatoes Outdoor Challenge.)

So far I have a few projects in progress and hope to complete them soon and I'll have more to write about next week. For now a peek into my sanity savers.

There is other stuff is in the car because sometimes there needs to be sanity savers on the go. Happy weekend see you on Monday!

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angelina said...

I CANT wait to get handmade home: i'm 5 months now waiting for the library edition, and still only number 30 in que!!

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