Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This weekend

(A note about this post it was supposed to be up on Monday but due to a fussy computer that would not cooperate I had problems trying to upload pictures so it's a day late. )

What was going around here this weekend?
Went to a library book sale to to look for chapter books. My favorite arguement around here is over the books, which ones belong to which child and whose room they will go into.

These are my favorites.
Can't wait to bake a Lemon Lime Love Cake from The Farmer's Market Guide to Fruit and try some of the fruit smoothies. Makes me more excited for the farmer's markets and csa to open up.
What else I did? Finally finished 2 more red scarves for my stash for the Red Scarf Challenge.

I double crochetted this soft chenille yarn. Hoping to start another one soon if not there is alway next month.

1 comment:

Lise said...

Ooh...I'm jealous of your great booksales! Looks like you got a terrific pile of things to read!

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