Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye loofahs hello squares

Lately while on the go I have been bringing some 100% cotton yarn and my knitting and crochetting books. While waiting, watching a show or just sitting outside with the kids I have been crochetting or knitting squares to try out some new patterns. My goals are to learn some new crochetting and knitting techniques and to replace the ugly plastic loofahs . I think it's time to make a switch from loofahs to cotton wash cloths. So far 4 done 3 more to go.

The top left has heart in the middle and bottom right has flower. There was a bit of a learning curve because of the different sizes, strange corners and some edges more rounded than others.

The colors are fun to work with and the cotton yarn is soft. Which gives me hope for future socks, dishclothes, wash cloths and a future afghan of squares (or hexagons) the same color yarn but all different patterns. I can dream while letting the yarn run through my fingers and at the same time inspire my little ones to pick up their needles and crochet hooks.


Grace said...

I like these - great colors. I really must learn to crochet or knit!

Julie said...

So beautiful and useful at the same time. Luisa you rock!

Anonymous said...

hey luisa,

just stopped by to say hello and catch up on things. looks like you've been pretty busy. house looks great from what i can see. sure wish i was as organized!


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