Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Activity Bag

Most days not all I'm on the go and I have hours of wait time on benches and in the car so I ususally bring something to do in a bag. I call it my activity bag. My dilemna has been I put away my summer activity bag but I don't have a sturdy one for the cooler seasons. Now I could have easily just went out and bought a canvas tote or pretty bag but I thought I need another crooked sewing challenge. So here goes refurbished from a shower curtain from the thrift store.

Some of the inside seams are not so pretty. Made 2 inch handles 36 inches long and then cut them into 1 inch because they were too wide. One of the handles got so frayed and torn up I had to cut another strip to make the handle. Good thing there was a lot of shower curtain left. I gave you a close up of the handles because well why show not show you the not so good raw edges. I'm not so sure about how I spaced the handles. Oh well. The bag pattern I used is from Handmade Home. The straps were inspired from the most recent Joann Fabric flyer. The straps are stitched right on to the top before assembling the bag.

In the bag right now books for reading and quiet time inspiration and canvas bags waiting to be embroidered. What you can't see in the bag we carry around here are thoughts and prayers to Haiti .

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Anonymous said...

love it,great fabric patterns! :)

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