Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hearts and Flowers

Earlier this week inspired by the cold weather I had a couple of nights of sewing polar fleece. Night #1 made 3 scarves for the girls. I bought this fabric about 2 months ago, cut it last month and finally started it for the new year. The 3 scarves are just cut pieces of polar fleece and to make them different I stitched borders all the way around. For one scarf I did a straight stitch twice. For the other 2 scarves I did 3 rows of stiches with a combination of some straight and some zig zag lines. It gives a plain scarf a nice border.
The next night I made fingerless gloves. It was tricky to measure but I did ok. The seam did not line up on the hand the way I pictured because I cut the thumb holes in the wrong spot. I figured out to do a nice little seem at the top of the glove.
What I also figured out is I'm a slow sewer and a bit messy. What's worse is that I have a lot of trouble sewing straight! I think it's because I was tired. Well looking forward to continue sewing in 2010 till I get it straight :)
Happy winter weekend!


Anonymous said...

pretty colors :)

Wendy said...

Love those hearts - so cute!

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