Friday, January 8, 2010

First Article

Hello friends! For those of you who have known about me only through the blogsphere may have noticed that I like to cook and bake. Like this past weekend I did go over board on the baking . What I may not have made clear yet is that our families' meal have always been challenged by food allergies since we started our family. Some of my children have not had foods with eggs. One of my children has never had anything with nuts or dairy. That's why you may see a lot of baking without the usual ingredients.

I'm happy to share what I have made especially if some of my recipes are allergy friendly because I hope that it appeals to everyone. I hope that it takes away the wonder of some foods that with substitions it doesn't have to look or taste strange.

Recently my best friend who I grew up with (and who I have a lot of recipe conversations with) debutted her new website Cooking with Luv. She's is a meal planning guru and has tons of tips for me on how to prep food ahead of time. She had asked me recently if I could contribute an article about food allergies and any tips I could give. I said sure and submitted my first artcle that I have ever written *gulp*! My nerves got the best of me and I couldn't go back to read my own article about our family experiences with food allergies so instead I registered and got on the mailing list. Whether you like to cook, bake or prep ahead a little help in the kitchen can go a long. So here goes to my first article ever The Wonderful World of Food Allergies .


Lise said...

Congratulations on your publication!

I've been struggling with re-learning to cook this year, too, with Lucy allergic to dairy and soy and so both of those off-limits to Andi, who's nursing. Soy is in EVERYTHING you buy, it seems. I also have to avoid many other potential allergens for Lucy until later than I might have, because of her history.

My best substitutes so far: coconut milk and coconut oil for baking; flaxseed meal mixed with water to replace eggs.

Luisa said...

Thanks Lise!
It's amazing just when you get the hang of something life throws you a curve ball and it's time to learn to cook again. It will get better becausethere is more information out there.

Anonymous said...

hey luisa! that's great...can't wait to read it! :)

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