Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter comforts

Scarves for the boys.

Made this green set last week. The seams still crooked and one of the fingerless gloves I accidently sewed it inside out. Ooops! I added pockets to the scarf.

This one for my husband needed bigger pockets. Instead of just sewing along the edge to create a border I did this one different. After sewing the 2 pockets on to a piece of polar fleece I took another piece of polar fleece put the 2 good sides together and sewed it but left a small opening. Turned it inside out then sewed the opening. I hope I explained that ok. Again a little more crooked sewing before dinner last night (with many interruptions).

For dinner shepherd's pie.

Made this yesterday morning for dinner while the dirty dishes piled up in the sink and across the counter. Didn't want to show you the dirty dishes just the food.

Much needed comfort food and warmth on these cold winter days.

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