Thursday, June 24, 2010

On my way back

Hello friends it's been a while. Working my way back to blogland rather slowly. I just got over a momentary panic attack that my email was deleted and I lost all new and old email. The rep from the phone company was helpful setting up my new account so I could get online but I'm still puzzled with my email.

What's been going on around here? Lots of moving, painting and creating new spaces and no cooking. I have been looking forward to picking up my weekly csa box with green goodies but can't keep up with the cooking just yet. No pictures either because I don't know where the camera is. I'm sure somewhere close by. Oh yes in all this I have made my own laundry detergent and I love it!

I hope to share soon some of the organizing, some outdoor time and recipes at the end of the week.
Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of summer and all that it brings.


Lise said...

Julie's told me about all the painting and furniture-gathering for your new house; sounds fabulous! How nice to get it all done so quickly! Congratulations.

Ana said...

Welcome back!

Luisa said...

Lise- Thanks! We have been working very hard that my body physically hurts. I'm excited about furniture collections and open spaces. Looking forward to furniture painting this summer :)

Ana-Thanks hope all is well:)

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