Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going and going...

Many things going here lately some organized and some still works in progress. There has been a lot of moving and unpacking and sorting. Almost settled in.

Slowly working my way back to blogland. Haven't been able to find my camera or the cables. Then once I did find it the computer was very slow. I have also been missing reading everyone else's blog :( Thank goodness for archives. Also missing my own journals haven't written in those in months missed some good quotes, stories, observations, and learning experiences. Love to keep up with those because I feel like it's telling a story of today's ongoings that my kids can enjoy reading later.
What's been going on here to get us by?

1. Well this is my first year joining a csa and I have to say I like it better than gardening. Gardening maybe next year when we can dedicate the time. We have gotten a bounty of greens that my mom cooked for us. Hoping to try out some neat recipes this summer. Yesterday we got turnips and beets. Hmm...

2. There has been some leftovers made into pasta salads to get by.
This one has black olives, cooked carrots and cauliflower, celery, tomatoes and scallions. Season with salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Last night I made this pasta salad with cooked carrots, tomatoes, shredded beets, dill, salt and olive oil. Some liked the beets and some didn't. The dill I'll save for salads and fish.

3. I did get a couple of spaces in my home put together

The sewing area is now in my basement. Worked on this Saturday night and it'sclose to being done and ready for some sewing. I just have to find the iron and ironing board.

The cookbook shelf and table linens are almost in order in my kitchen. I'm missing one of my recipe binders hope it turns up soon.

Well off to clear some more spaces and figure out how to incorporate turnips for dinner. Have a great day!

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Lise said...

Hey, Luisa,
Glad you're getting settled! I covet your sewing area.

The best advice I got about questionable veggies is to grate them. Grated beets and turnips can be added to salads, stir-fry, pasta, whatever, and are so little they're pretty innocuous even to picky eaters. Also, I should dig out my anise beets recipe for you--all the kids love them.

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