Friday, October 9, 2009

The Journal Journey

Oh did I mention I love journals? You know the pretty books with tons of pages waiting to be filled thoughts and ideas.

Well through out my life I have filled about 1 or 2 journals maybe. I had one journal for me and a separate one about my kids. But then my girlfriend showed me a different approach to journal writing that's more open ended which can include snip its, articles, family pictures, magazine cut outs, reviews of things I've read or seen, whatever is going on in life, etc. Well I tried it out but then realized all my thoughts are jumbled in one place. I needed to organize and separate so that's how I ended up with 6 journals!
  1. Life Journal a place for me to jot down whatever is going on in my life or I find interesting.

  2. The Kids Journal I like this instead of a calendar or memory book. The memory books are about milestones but I needed a place for what goes on in his/her day to day life. A place for the funny stuff, activties, traditons, milestones, quotes all in one place. Because their lives aren't separte I don't keep a separate journal for each child it's easier to keep one journal and just write as I go about each one. (Some day I hope to photocopy and bind the kids journal so each one has a copy.)

  3. Craft Journal All my sewing, crafting, knitting,.... ideas that I find or think up. These are creations I would like to do now but I'll be happy if I get them done in the next 1-10 years :)

  4. Book Review I think you may have noticed I like to read, so in addition to that I started a journal to keep track of what I've read and thoughts about it.

  5. Homeschooling Journal I just wanted a place to jot down ideas for my kids that weren't arts and crafts. It's a place to jot down learning projects that inspire and motivate the family to write, learn and grow.

  6. Blog Log I wanted another journal to jot down what I'd like to share with you.

What I love about blank journals they can be for whatever you want them to be. A couple of these journal are worn because they were reincarnated. They were already used for 3 or more other themes or logs. This is ther final destination.

The real purpose for these journals is a place for me to sort out ideas and take a look into my own life to see what it is I do besides cook, clean, laundry and change diapers. As I got halfway through starting my journal collection I thought maybe one day my children would like these journals as a window into my life.

P.S. I apologize if today's blog was too lengthy of a read but I hope it inspires you.

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the sleepy time gal said...

so cool that you have a journal for all the important things...

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