Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday fun

Earlier this week Stefania turned 7. So it was time to make a cake. Since I don't make cakes for my birthday and we don't buy cakes (because of food allergies and it's more fun to make them)everyone looks forward to Stefania's birthday.

I made a rectangle cake and cut part of it. After I frosted it I decorated it with twizzlers, skittles and starburst candy flowers. I know loaded with sugar. The flowers are a neat thing I learned to make from a magazine. Take 4 or more starburst candies put them on a plate and microwate 5-8 seconds. It should be soft enough to roll out on a cutting board, then use a flower cookie cutter for the shape and a skittle or m&m for the center. The flowers are fun for a purse or spring cake. I should tell this was my second cake of the day. The first one fell apart.

Part of her gift was a day late. It took a whole month to knit my first scarf. (Not as organized as I wanted to be for her birthday celebration.)

Even though it was my first knitting project it was made with thought and love.

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