Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Fun

As I said in yesterday's post even my reading has been little slow. I finished A Homemade Life and it was delicious. I was left hungry and frustrated. Half the recipes I may not make but the ones I would like to try I'm missing some of the ingredients. What I also love is that I never have to visit Paris again. If I want a taste of Paris right in my own kitchen this book has some good recipes and ideas. (I love that because I don't see us going there as a family destination.) It's hard to describe this book because it's easier to think of it as a cookbook with short stories of the authors life and how food intertwines it. It makes the stories of her life more interesting when there is a recipe behind it. I even started checking out her blog Orangette.
I hope to have more good luck with the new additions to my library.

A Good Indian Wife by Anne Cherian looked interesting. The reviews are mixed.

The only disappointment about the Sea Glass Chronicles is that it reminds me summer is a long way off. I can't believe we had a little snow here on Sunday. So not ready for that.

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