Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too Much at Once

You ever have those days where you have one hand in too many buckets at once?  That's what has been like for a  few days.
  • apple picking
  • pick up more vegetables to freeze
  • try new recipes:  whole wheat bread, salsa...
  • make some of our favorite recipes
  • clean kitchen and dining room for homeschooling
  • blog at 5 Good Reasons (so I much I want to share)
  • start ballet classes this week (and me too!)
  • basil is out of control must make pesto
  • Christmas shop and Christmas crafts ( I know call me crazy.)
  • respond to comments left on blog
  • clean fridge and freezers
  • clean my library/office
  • go to beach (really?)
  • and on and on and on...
A very big to do list that keeps growing  but at the same time some big  items on the list are slowly getting checked off along with everyday life.  I wanted to thank you for coming by and leaving comments but have been unable to respond because of timing  and slow blogger and internet (grrrrr). Forgive me friends old and new. I'm trying to wrap up my Freezer Food Series hopefully will have a few more posts later today and a completed crochet project tomorrow :)  As long as I don't get into another slow fight with blogger.

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