Wednesday, September 7, 2011

These week for Ginny's yarn along more books from Border's before it closes. (The crochetting is happening in between everything else. )

 With all 5 kids in tow in between errands I got a chance to cruise the store and found these.

I know quite the variety isn't it?  Right now I am almost done reading The Last Girls I decided to pick it up and not put it down.

Hope you are enjoying a good read.


Jess said...

Last child in the woods is on my list. Please let us know how that one turns out!

Jen said...

Two Kisses for Maddy has been on my 'to-read' list every since I saw his story on the Oprah show. What a tragedy. said...

man...should i hit up the sale one last time? it seems i should let it isn't like i don't have enough to read on my nightstand, floor next to my nightstand...bookshelves...yet, you never know do you? when you just might need that one last one! lol


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