Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freezing Food Series: Leeks and Scallions

I think the leeks and scallions were my favorite vegetable to freeze.  Can you blame me they were the easiest of all no boiling needed.  I never considered freezing scallions till recently after a conversation with a friend about freezing scallions and onions.  I thought great idea so last Saturday I bought 4 big bunches of scallions from the Farmer's Market.
 Then recruited choppers.
 Spread all the chopped scallions on a cookie sheet and freeze,

 Pull out of the freezer and bag.  I'm excited about this whenever we buy scallions and there are too many some go to waste.  I think I can prevent future waste by freezing and always having scallions on hand.
This got me thinking about freezing leeks.  I usually crave potatoe and leek soup in the winter but not everyone is a fan around here.  Solution buy 3 big leeks cut off the white part and slice lay on a cookie sheet and freeze.  Take out of  freezer and bag and enjoy for soups later.

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