Monday, May 23, 2011

Oreo Recital Cake

 I meant to have a post ready about the last book sale but it's not ready instead I have a cake.  Over the weekend we had a ballet recital and the kids had requested a celebration.  Since I was not planning on dinner out I got a chocolate cake ready but wanted a twist to it.  I was really inspired by this cake because of all the possible variations and after a chat with a friend we came up with an allergy friendly recital cake.
 First take a row of oreos. 
 Then crush them to bits.  Melt 2 tablespoons of dairy free margarine and mix it will be pastey.  Then spread evely in a 9x12 pan that's freezer safe for about 15 minutes.  Instead of margarine you can probably use soy milk to moisten the cookie. 
 In the meantime soften 1 quart of vanilla soy ice cream then scoop into a bowl.  In another bowl take 1 row of mint oreo cookies and crush them to bits. 
 Then take the crushed mint oreos and mix them really well with the soy ice cream.
 Take the tray out of the freezer and scoop the ice cream in different spots, then spread gently to cover the layer of the already crushed frozen oreos in the tray.
Cover and put in the freezer to harden overnight.  A few minutes before serving take out of freezer so it will be easier to cut.
When ready cut a piece of chocolate cake and then put a piece of ice cream cake and then drizzle with chocolate syrup.  We used the Hershey hardening chocolate and it was great.
Ok I know this looks nothing like the one over at i am baker but I was really inspired and yes it's sweet but it was so fun to make and eat. 


Jarka said...

yumm! looks good, too bad we don't have oreos here... I never had an oreo in my life :D - awful I know :D

anyway...thanks for stopping by and commenting on my yarn-along post (I posted it today because for some reason I thought it was already Wednesday :D )
...I've added a little give-awayat the end of the post - for a camera-strap-slip-cover and so I wanted to ask if you want to participate? - you've already commented so you're in :) -if you want a camera-strap-slip-cover :D ...just let me know if you want to participate :)
thanks :)

lucy said...

looks very yummy!

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