Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After the weekend

Back after a busy weekend.  Spent Friday and Saturday preparing for Stefania's First Communion.  Yes that's right we're Catholic.  I never mentioned it before because it just doen't flow into my blog with my recipes, crochetting, homeschooling and kids stuff.  I am one of those Catholics that picks and chooses what she likes, I don't read the Bible to often but we do talk about it.  I don't go to mass every week but I do enjoy it on the holidays and  the Christinenings and Communions.  Yes a faithful holiday church goer.  I guess you could say we are a more spiritual bunch than religious.  That's all I have to say about our religous beliefs and I probably won't mention it again.  We will probably have more occasions and  I will alway show you what I make.
First up we have chocolate cupcakes.

 I added a twist to these chocolate cupcakes a handful of chocolate chips and a splash of peppermint extract.  To decorate I started with a white frosting and then lightly sprayed it with Wilton's Color Mist.  Along with the flower I added Wiltons pearl sprinkles to creat a design.  I apologize for the picture the purple looks blotchy.  It looked better the next day.

Now the cake.  I saw this cake tutorial a while ago and absolutely loved it.  So I gave it a try and hoped for the best.
 I frosted the cake as usual.  It's ok that there are crumbs because soon they will be covered in flowers.
 With a 1M cake tip you start in center of the flower and start going around and around.  I tried my best to end in the same spot each time.  I do recommend cooling the frosting first for the flowers.  Put in the fridge for a little bit or in basement if it's cool.  These first two flowers the frosting was a room temperature and they looked soft without shape.
 Just go over the whole cake with flowers and sides of the cake if you like.
 For a little color gently spray the Wilton color mist.  I'm not sure if  I love this mist idea yet it's better for  my kids I think.  If you spray to much the color the frosting will be bright and watch out when mixing to color it could get brown or a create a rustic color. 

 Since I wasn't to sure about the color and I couldn't put flowers on the sides I took some Wilton's pearl sprinkles and placed them in the center of each flower, on the sides of the cake and in any spaces.
 The supplies along with canned frosting because I jut didn't have patience to make my own.  This was the easiest cake decorating using the 1M tip and just going around making flowers.  I'll definitely be trying this again.

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Julie said...

Beautiful! Hope S had a special day. And glad to see you survived:)

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