Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh those days..

It's been one of those weeks where much needs to be done around here.  Sorry this picture isn't too pretty but this is really where I spend most of time in the kitchen.  When I first started this blog my kitchen was much smaller so I called the blog this little kitchen.  Since then my kitchen is definitely much bigger but I'm still in this corner in the morning with a cup of coffee, computer or a book.  Yesterday I needed some quiet time collect my thoughts so everyone off to their rooms so mom could sit and knit and make a list.  Finding a rythym homeschooling 5 children ages 2-10 and having some mom thinking time well I won't lie to you it's not easy.

Well what have I been up to lately?Nno new recipes  looks like blts and beans tonight.  Couldn't join the yarn along yesterday because I'm still reading (enjoying) the same book.  In my basket it's almost laughable how long those two projects are in there.  The yarn from the scarf is almost getting frayed I think it's fed up with me actually. 

On the other side of things I have much to do this week because we have a special occasion this weekend for a certain 7 year old First Communion.  Keeping the house clean till Sunday let's face it impossible.  To add to the mix I had to break down and buy a dining room table and chairs from Ikea.  As much as I love Ikea everything has to built yourself.  A while ago I had to even build the sofa. 

I know  this is not my most positive post but hopefully soon I'll have a more productive post.

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Julie said...

Aren't your children's ages "3" -10 or did you forget your youngest birthday which was last week:) And that 7 year olds communion, isn't she 8? Just sayin':) I think you need a vacation!!!!

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