Saturday, May 14, 2011

A day at the beach

Yesterday was our first day at the shore with friends.  There was building, digging holes, jumping, cartwheels (not me)  and more.  There was also the gathering of beach treasure rocks (any size even if too big), shells and mom's favorite looking for sea glass.  It was my first time collecting sea glass and pottery and I think I'm addictted.  There is something calming about searching for all these treasures in different colors and sizes.  Later on at home we spread out and looked at each and every one and then into a glass bowl they went . 
If you are interested in seas glas definitely check out this book Sea Glass Chronicles


Julie said...

We had so much fun we could hardly contain ourselves! Thank goodness for homeschooling. Can't imagine not having these memories we will treasure forever.

lucy said...

did you seriously find ALL that sea glass? wow!
btw- love the bowl (i bought three during my last visit)

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