Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Activity Bags for the New Year

Well I guess I'm slowly easing my way into the New Year and into the blogspere. There has been a lot of excruciating sewing activity and late crochetting. I'm still working on those Happy New Year gifts (a.k.a. belated Christmas gifts). The sewing has been painful for me almost to tears. I have gotten into late night fights with the sewing machine. Everything has happend I have stabbed myself many times with pins, the bobbin has been fickle, the thread was constantly breaking, I put the needle in backwards a few times and broke at least 6 needles. I stopped counting after 4 needles. Now the bobbin thread won't come up at all I don't know what I'm going to with this machine. If the machine was an actual person we would be in therapy or possibly divorced.
Ok so what was the fuss? I was making new bags for the family. I love Ikea fabric and always dig through the "as is" bin. A few months ago I found blue sofa cushion covers. I love the color and finally found a use for them. I took one square and cut it into 4 smaller squares.While struggling to sew up 6 bags I started wondering what I was going to do about straps?
Look familiar? Yes it's leftover fabric from curtains I used in the basement to hide shelves.
After a lot of sloppy and crooked sewing the end result...

Four bags for the girls for when we are on the go. I still have Gianfranco's bag to finish I couldn't find any fabric for his straps. I'm almost afraid to finish it because of the sewing machine.
Oh yes I also made one for myself.
When I was almost done with my bag after all the frustration I thought hey I could use matching pouches. I know crazy right? The blue pouch is for the current book I'm reading. I've always wanted a book pouch to put in my bag so my book doesn't get wet from my water bottle. The black and white pouch is for gum, lotion and small note pad.
After all this we are all pleased with the bags that I made without a pattern. It did make me think about my New Years Resolutions. I have the usual on my New Years list
  • Be healthy
  • Excersice
  • More journal writing (haven't done enough of that)
  • Learn to knit sweaters (hope I have better luck with knitting than I did with sewing.)
  • Oh yes the kids definitely do stuff with them reading, drawing and walking.
  • Lastly get better at sewing maybe even follow a pattern. Maybe lol :)


Lise said...

Bags must be the cause of many a sewing-machine divorce. That's how I broke my sewing machine--making the kids' field bags. Then did it again on the next set. Sounds like I had similar sewing issues while making Christmas gifts--the thread kept breaking, and I even sewed through the tip of my finger!

Jarka said...

learning to knit sweaters? - good luck with that :) - I'm planning to start one sweater too, but I'm afraid it might take too long...well, at least I have time till next winter :D

Alicia said...

I love the strap fabrics. They look great despite all your problems. I hate sewing machine mishaps. Grrr:)

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