Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Tuesday

Today's post is a day late and a bit scattered. So here's what has been going on...

Cleaning up the consequences of Christmas in the sewing studio.

Finally finished this past Friday the Christmas gifts: grey scarf for Jimmy and a reader's wrap for my mom made of Lion's Brand Suede yarn. I tried to take pictures and write a tutorial for the wrap but it was getting confusing.
Tried a new Lo Mein recipe. I'll be sharing the recipe on Thursday.Started a new blog about our homeschooling experience. Hope to share this with you soon.

Another doily ornament I don't know why I started it I just couldn't stop. I either need help for my doily addiction or more doily patterns. Definitely more doily patterns.

And lastly the Monday list of links that inspired me in the past week.

  • Found out I can make my own I starch .
  • I really like these cute dolls from this blog the tutorial is here. Hmm....Easter or Christmas gifts.
  • I'm think of adding these wooden keychains as Christmas gift next year but I definitely want one for myself.
  • This cool chalkboard globe.
  • I love this crochetted hat so much I would love to work on it soon.

Well that's it for now. I'll be back later with the cinnamon playdough recipe.


Lise said...

Love the Christmas consequences photo! You should see my post-Christmas disaster! It may take until next Christmas to clean it up!

Grace said...

I will be interested to read your homeschool blog (we homeschool too).

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