Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yarn along Wednesday

Continuing along this Wednesday with Ginny's yarn along. I'm still trying out different stitches for a dishcloth. Right now my new favoritie stitch is the Tunisian Crochet. It gives it a waffle texture. I hope I get through 1 dishcloth by next Wednesday.
As for reading I haven't complete my novel but I have been browsing a couple of my favorite Betty Crocker cookbooks. I have had good luck with the recipes but I ignore the weight loss in the titles. A recent recipe I tried is Black Bean Salad from the book on the left. It was little spicy and made a really good lunch with fresh bread.
A note about this recipe it called for 1 tomato but because I got tired of buying tasteless tomatoes last winter, this past summer I diced and froze tomatoes. I took a few from the freezer, thawed them and added it to the salad. When the salad was ready the tomatoes were soft and the juices blended really well with dressing. I don't know if I would do it for a lettuce salad but it was well worth it to freeze them like this.


Ginny said...

I've used that same color dishcloth yarn. I think it's so pretty!
I just wanted to let you know that you accidently linked back to me on the yarn along post today, but I just fixed it for you :)

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

What a neat texture that stitch creates! And I am so with you on tomatoes, here we are not even 120 miles from Homestead, FL which is one of the biggest tomato growing areas in the US and we can't get a good tomato any time of the year! I think they ship them all north! They should save just a few for those of us who live a tad farther south, don't you think? ;)

Julie said...

Love the dishcloth! This should make you smile during all your kitchen clean-up:)

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