Monday, January 24, 2011

A Very Cold Monday

What have we been doing on these very very cold New England days...

Last week when the power the went out I had to scramble to grab flashlights and candles. Just the day before I was about to get rid of votive candles that have moved me with for the past 20 years luckily I didn't. I didn't have enough candle holders so the next best thing were mason jars.

There was lot of yarn rolling this past weekend and browsing these books for inspiration.

Cozing up with a good book, coffee, my computer, pen and paper.

I don't really have any Monday links but I wanted to pass along this hand me down knit swap at This Cosy Life she has great idea what to do with those outgrown knits and random projects.
Hope you to are having a cozy Monday :)

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