Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finished Basement Projects

There has been a lot of cleaning, projects and sprucing up in the basement especially in the art studio and my sewing studio. So here goes.

We put curtains up to hide the storage utilty shelves. The curtains are from the Ikea "As Is" bin. They not only hide the shelves but make a great stage. To the left of the curtains is the art studio.

It was in need of a clean up and an area carpet to cover the cold basement floor. Across the way is my sewing studio.Covered the chairs with new fabric and made pillows.

Made copies of the fabric with the patterns to be used as templates for doll clothes or paper dolls.

Oh and the little red table finally made it into girls' room.

Tired but now have an aahhh feeling.


Lise said...

Oh, I'm jealous! What a lot of completed projects! I especially like the spool-fabric seat cushions. And what a great idea to use the fabric as templates for doll sewing!

The Little List said...

What a fun space! I love those fabrics, especially the pattern print. So smart to make doll clothes from those! Thanks so much for adding your link to {inhabit} this week. Such a pleasure meeting you!

Kayte said...

This is a fantastic space. Functional and beautiful. I'm in the middle of redoing our school room so this gives me some inspiration to get ours finished.

Ana said...

I love those curtains! And the fabrics! Especially the one with the spools, so cute.

dls said...

The projects look awesome and I really like those curtains..... how cheerful.

Angela said...

Wow I love what you did with that fabric. You have quite a talent! Thanks for stopping by the other day! It's great to meet you.
With this post you have inspired me to get sewing. I don't know why I am waiting!
Peace, Angeal

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