Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Lists...

Hope everyone had a restful weekend. We've had our fill of Thanksgiving leftovers and Christmas decorating and some organizing and sorting for mama. Yes my tree is up, the lights are on outside and the Christmas books are in the living room. There has been a lot of yarn on our minds and ideas for Christmas.

Here are some of the posts that I collected for this holiday season or next year.
-I was thinking about making dishtowels these are cute.
-Inspiring crochetted and embroidered projects.
-These sock ornaments are cute ideas I was thinking maybe white socks with some beading.
- Colorful stars for any season.
-I know we are a long way off from spring but these flowers are cheery.
-Crochetted gift tags for any occasion. Hmmm... I'm thinking maybe next summer making a batch of these for all occasions.
-I could just hug these owls.

-For Thanksgiving I tried a Cranberry Nantucket Pie which I'll share tomorrow.
-The salmon recipe from the last Monday list was very good. Hope to have pictures next time.
-The wooden bowl and beads in this post was a thrift store find over the weekend. I added string and keep it in the kitchen for my busy 2 year old when she can't prep meals with me.

Happy Monday!


Lise said...

Gorgeous bouquet! And I love the idea of the beads in the kitchen.

Maryam said...

whoa, those are some inspiring links you have here. thanks!

Lise said...

Hey, Luisa, thanks for your comment on my blog. Wish I had a magic formula for 2s...but I've got to say, with your hands full of 5 all the time, EC would have been way harder for you than for me. At least I had weekends to focus only on her! :-)

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