Friday, November 5, 2010

Mama needs to think

I'm sorry friends there have been no posts this week. I had wanted to write about so many things finding a new homemade dishwasher detergent, the Hot and Sour Soup I finageled and a couple of hats that I'm finishing up and what's next on the project list before the holidays.
I'll try to keep this short and not too moody. I just have been in need of some thinking time. There has been no relief in sight. Some mornings started off too early continuing all day with endless questions till late bedtimes. hmmm... Been working on finding a better activity schedule for us all and adjusting to homeschooling (I'll explain that in another post.)
All this has not been unmanagable but my biggest challenge has not been with my own children.
As you have seen in my profile and pictures I have 5 children ranging from ages 2-9. You can imagine that sometimes all mamas need a little time clear to their heads out alone, doing errands or waiting at activity. Those moments are important so I can come back refreshed for my family.
Unfortunately it does not happen because somehow even when I am out alone minding my own business other children approach me, greet me, have questions, and stare and whisper when I bring yarn to crochet and knit. This happens while their parents are close by (some on their cell phones) I 'm pleased to be an inspiration to young children but I almost need a Do Not Disturb sign because I have been hugged and nearly groped by little people. I have enough evidence to file a lawsuit for harrassment but don't worry I won't lol that would be awful and that's not what I want to be known for.
This does bring me to another dilemna when I am with my children to regroup with them. Other children will leave their parent to come join my family. It happens often. We must seem like a lot of fun especially with 4 girls. Children have stopped and stared at me like an exhibit while knitting/crochetting and my own children have commented about this to me. My kids have been asked "What's your mom making?". Adults stop to comment or ask my son about his crochetting.
Again it's wonderful that children are fascinated by our family. But this mama just needs to think alone. Some of the children's parents are with their children and explain what I'm doing and others aren't paying attention to their own children at that moment. But this mama just needs to think.
So this sums up why I have been off the blog I'm just tired lol. As you can see. The only hazard to all this is that sometimes when other children join our family they follow us to our car/home. I sometimes count my own children to make sure I have all 5 and not one extra.


What I Did Today said...

Oh my goodness! Would't that be awful if you accidentally took someone elses little gawker home? I hope you get the rest and recuperation that you need. Soon!

lucy said...

sounds like you need a time out. i'm available for coffee most me when you can escape.

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