Monday, November 15, 2010

Coffee, Crochettting and Monday Lists

Got up this morning thinking about pumpkin spice coffee and how to crochet my own ric rac. One of my nightly rituals lately has been to wind down with all my crochetting projects and the only thing I couldn't get started on was the ric rac so I woke up this morning determined to figure it out even if it is a little off.
I have a small basket of thin crochetting yarn that I found at a yard sale and started out with the red and a US H8/5.00mm crochet hook. It was not coming out too pretty so I went with a smaller hook.
I think I'm getting closer to actually making it look like ric rac using a C/2-2.75 mm crochet hook. So far I'm liking this and getting the hang of it. The red would be great for Christmas and the other colors in the basket could be for wrapping gifts, embelish skirts, pillow cases, curtains, blankets or anything that comes to mind. Now I just have to make it look a little more consistent.
This is one of the links on my Monday List that I wanted to share today.

Inspiring crafts and ideas that I would like to try:

Recipe List:

This I thought would be helpful for anyone who has an American Girl doll and needs a conditioning treatment or hair help.

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