Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At Home Organizing

I have been on a good roll organizing around the home past couple of weeks and trying to continue it so there probably won't be any recipes this week. lol

1. In the kitchen we added a black tv stand next to the white bookshelf. I was originally looking for a bench for under the window for our shoes but could not find one. I'm the only one I know that owns 2 tv stands but uses them for something else. lol
The 2 square baskets on the left are for shoes but it's temporary till I find something bigger. On the right the 2 slim baskets are for drawing and writing paper. The bottom 2 shelves are seasonal in the summer I thought a towel would come in handy and in the winter a good spot for slippers. On top we have been putting a few books but I think I'll make it the nature table or a place for those seasonal treasures.
The white bookcase has a basket for each child to put in what they are working on reading, writing or drawing.
2. Shoes shoes and more shoes. This pile is anything from boots, sandals dress shoes, fall shoes, sneakers. Where did they go in? In drawers in the basement.

These drawers fit in my basement just right under a pipe. It help keep all the shoes that are out of season or ones they will grow into in one place. There are even drawers for ballet footwear and soccer cleats and shin guards and ice skates. Comes in handy when one of the girls outgrows something and I can go down and see what we have.

This works well in the fall and spring when it snows unexpectedly and the boots are needed rather quickly. The same goes for sandals when the weather warms up unexpectedly.

3. One other thing I had to organize was my basket of fabric scraps and future sewing projects. It was overflowing so I upgraded to a bigger basket.

Actually I didn't really organize I just moved the pile to be dealt with another time. We all have those messy little secrets.


Alicia said...

Oh how inspiring! I am so disorganized. Great job.

nocton4 said...

well done you xx

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