Monday, August 30, 2010


So excited this weekend was my anniversary and I got books that I couldn't wait to own Craft Hope, Falala Felt and a knitting magazine :))Last night I was just to tired out to do much else so I made some tea, gathered the most recent books and magazines stretched out on the couch next to the window while a cool breeze came in and did a little browsing while watching a movie. So many fun ideas to brainstorm!

1. Over the summer found The Complete Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia on clearance at Barnes & Noble. If it wasn't on clearance I can't say that I would run out and buy it. It has good diagrams for needlework and a few projects I'd like to try.

This embroidery would be neat on a denim bag.
The picture wouldn't come out clear on this one. It's a plain hat but someone did embroidery on a piece of ribbon then attached it the hat. How pretty for the spring and summer. It can be changed anytime and would be great for a lady or little girl.
I just love this Oriental picture it's a crosstich all in blue. Would be nice on a tray or in the middle of my kitchen table. Hoping to make this in the next 10 years! lol.
2. Is it ever too early to think about Christmas not the insane shopping but the crafting? I say no way it's never too early after looking at Falala Felt.

What a great way to use felt and wool with these projects. The kids were inspired to get ready and sew when they saw this book this morning
3. This magazine is neat Knit Simple Knitting Workshops the projects and information isn't intimidiating for someone like me who hasn't done a lot of knitting yet. Besides the hats and mittens these caught my eye.
I really like the short socks on the left.
Christmas ornaments that all of us can make :)
This afghan is just pretty and bold. The squares are triangles put together. This looks neat and easy because I can work on it while waiting at kids activities. It doesn't have to be pink the color can be changed.
4. To add to my crafting overload I have been browsing though the Webs catalog and Living Crafts Magazine. I may not get a chance to get them anytime soon but luckily there is no deadline. Right now I have my sights on Crochet Today. lol
Happy Crafty Monday!

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