Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's List

I have been thinking lately I like to keep a lot of lists. Unfortunately with cooking, cleaning, kids and life I have developed a list disorder. What's a list disorder? Too many lists everywhere and some items are repeated on 2 or more lists and some items have been on the list for about a month. (All that will get sorted this week. I hope. )
What I do like about lists is it's a reminder of things to be completed, phone calls that need to be made, shopping, things I like, books I would like to read, patterns and projects, things I would like to further research, blog stuff and tons of other chores and neat stuff.
I love posts on Bluebirdbaby and Soulemama when they have list of things they love along with their links. It's like they did the research for me and I get to discover something new. Between the lists and their posts I decided to start a segment called Monday's List. It will be just a post of lists of information I find in life, online, on blogs or wherever. I should let you know it maybe every monday or every other week and when life gets carried away Monday's list could be on Tuesday. lol

So here goes today.

Favorite blog posts from last week:

  • Glad I'm not the only one suffering from a craft addiction of uncompleted projects. There are others out there Crunchy Chicken is one of them.

  • I think this lady was eavesdropping on my conversation about how I can't get anything done sometimes.

  • This dress brought back fun memories from when I was a kid :)

  • I don't have any babies anymore but these burp clothes are just so sweet and would make a nice baby gift..

  • Ok this art stand is just so cool.

  • Signed Jamie Oliver's Petition

  • Learned something new about tsmanian devils

  • I really want to crochet thes fruity pot holders. This will also add to my craft addiction.

  • Felt food! I'm putting this in one of my journals for a cold snowy day this winter.

Recipes for the Recipe Binder to make dairy free, egg free and nut free:

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